Our services fit within the way we envision data. For each of the three different stages of data we offer matching services. It is important that we first identify the stage of your business such that we can offer the services you desire. All this with the goal of getting you into the final stage of data, where you will have a data-driven business model.

Pre Data

Data Strategy and Planning

When designing a data strategy and planning the first question one has to ask themselves is: What do I want to know? Before starting to even think of data or intelligent solutionsthere has to be a very clear answer. It is the first step of a data-driven strategy.  A clear vision of the desired business impact shapes the integrated approach to data sourcing, model building, and organizational transformation.

Together with you we will construct, what we call the pre-data, a strategy focusing on what you want to know. We will decide what factors are most important for increasing margin on a given product line, from where the data will originate and what external data is available that might give insight in the data you as a business are able to gather.

Data Engineering

Data quality is fundamental for analysis and thus essential for meaningful insights. Data tells understands the importance of data quality and we are capable of providing a professional solution to improve the quality of the data in your business. In many cases business start to gather data, implement high cost systems, without having a clear strategy and plan of what, where and how. Often, companies already have the data they need to tackle business problems, but managers simply don’t know how they can leverage this information to make key decisions.The data is now gathered, the high cost system has been in use, but the business is unable to get the so desired insights expected beforehand. In this case we offer a solution through data engineering and enable you to go back to the first step – the data strategy and planning with the data that is already at hand. We will (re)organize and reconstruct your data it in such a way that you will still be able to gain the insights and knowledge you desire.


Data Visualization

Data has to lead to concise insights. After gathering the necessary data, the next step is to visualize what is there. Data visualization is all about showing you the information that is captured in the masses.  Important stories live in our data and data visualization is a powerful means to discover and understand these stories, and then to present them to others.Data tells you what you need to know and that is exactly what we provide to you.

Data Analysis

 This is where it comes back to the very first question asked: what do you want to know? Data analysis reveals all kinds of insights and relationships. How does the content that you post on social media aid to the popularity of your brand? What products or services suit best for a particular (prospective) client? Based on transaction details and customer demographics what is a customer’s lifetime value? At Data Tells we make use of econometric methods and models or state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, such as deep learning and support vector machines, to discover patterns in historic data, reveal insightful relationships and to make predictions about the future or otherwise unknown events.

Post Data

Data-Driven Business Model

Data are essential, but performance improvements and competitive advantage arise from analytics models that allow managers to predict and optimize outcomes.  You have been provided the knowledge. Now it is essential to further incorporate your newly attained knowledge in your business to improve internal processes or expand your business to where you want it to be. Data Tells can help you along the way.

Other Solutions – Microsoft Excel

We have experience in developing several solutions in Excel:

– Interfaces to transfer data or information in a current format to a new input format that might be required for a new service provider.

– Automated sheets that make your internal (Excel-based) business processes a lot more efficient and effective.

– Reshaping and reorganizing the data in your sheets for easier processing and a clearer overview.

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