Nowadays, internet is an integral part of people’s lives. Everything we do generates data and this data holds valuable information. At Data Tells we realize that it can be quite difficult to not only utilize data, but to gather data in such a way that the information it holds is available. Our mission is to help people and businesses gain access to the information and use this for improving performance and to amplify the knowledge you already possess. By making your business data-driven your possibilities will be endless.

In our vision data comes in three stages: Pre Data, Data, Post Data. Depending on the stage of your data we offer solutions that suit you. Let us explain the three stages of data to help you find the solution that best suits your needs.

Pre Data – The most effective approach to building a model usually starts, not with the data, but with identifying a business opportunity and determining how a data-driven model can improve performance. In this stage the data has yet to be gathered or that data that is there has to be engineered before it is useful.

Data – Now the data is gathered and it is in the desired form. With the right tools you can now understand the story your data tells. By visualization and analysis we can get to concise insights and reveal the information that is there.

Post Data – Data are essential, but performance improvements and competitive advantage arise from analytics models that allow managers to predict and optimize outcomes. Data tells you what is, has been and will happen and now it is up to you to act upon it. You have been provided the knowledge. Now it is essential to further incorporate your newly attained knowledge in your business to improve internal processes or expand your business to where you want it to be. Data Tells can help you along the way.

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