Pre Data

that are more broadly understood by managers.” (Barton and Court, Harvard Business Review, 2012).

“Hypothesis-led modeling generates faster outcomes and roots models in practical data relationships


With the right tools you can see more clearly what is right in front of you.

Now the data is in the desired shape or form. What's next?

Post Data

Data tells you what is, has been and will happen and now it is up to you to take action!

Your newly attained knowledge is now organized and available.

Our Services

Data Strategy and Planning

When designing a data strategy and planning the first question one has to ask themselves is: What do I want to know? Before starting to even think of data or intelligent solutions there has to be a very clear answer.

Data Engineering Services

Data quality is fundamental for analysis and thus essential for meaningful insights. Data tells understands the importance of data quality and we are capable of providing a professional solution to improve the quality

Data Visualisation Services

Data has to lead to concise insights. After gathering the necessary data, the next step is to visualize what is there. Data visualization is all about showing you the information that is captured in the masses.

Data Analysis Services

                                                    This is where it comes back to the very first question asked: what do you want to know? Data analysis reveals all kinds of insights and relationships. How does the content that you post on social media aid to the popularity of your brand?

What Our Clients Say

  • Data Tells reorganized and engineered our large database. Working with Gijs was very pleasant and he communicated and advised clearly about the possibilities with our database.


    Birgit Waarts De Kindertelefoon

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